Country Markets aim to encourage the public to discover the diversity and deliciousness of local British homemade baked goods, preserves, garden-grown fruit and vegetables. They also showcase the skills and talents of local craftsmen and artisans. Producers pride themselves on the quality of their produce and the friendliness of their Markets, many of which have become popular, lively meeting places.

Country Markets is affiliated with Co-ops UK and Making Local Food Work Project which focuses on promoting community enterprises as a solution to local food needs.  It aims to reconnect consumers to the land by increasing access to fresh, healthy local food.

A network of about 250 Country Markets across England and Wales has been selling homemade baked goods, preserves, garden-grown fruit and vegetables, plants and handmade crafts for many years. Visitors can buy a variety of produce – almost anything local and seasonal that can be produced in a domestic kitchen or garden. Alongside our homemade goods, many Country Markets also sell meat, fish and dairy goods, honey, and eggs from local producers. Country Markets are held weekly in a variety of venues in cities, towns and villages and Marketeers also participate in village markets, town markets, county agricultural and specialist food shows.

Our Cooks pride themselves on keeping traditional dishes alive, as well as producing the latest fashionable food.

Useful Information

Food Hygiene Certificates

All food handlers, and Country Markets Members with no exception, are required by law to undertake relevant food hygiene training. For Country Markets cooks, the required qualification is currently a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering, which is supplemented by ongoing training via regular updates issued by Country Markets Limited.

Your local Country Market should be able to tell you about courses in your area, or a list of independent course providers can be found on the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s website –

Online Food Hygiene Certificates

The majority of our cooks’ access and complete online courses. Prospective Members are advised to check that online courses are acceptable to their local Environmental Health Officers where they register their kitchens.

Do I have to register my kitchen as a food business?

It is your own responsibility to register your own kitchen with the local authority Environmental Health Department.  It is then up to the local Environmental Health Officers to decide whether individual Members’ kitchens need to be registered and/or inspected. You will receive a certificate from them with your food safety score to display proudly at the market of your choice.

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