How to become a producer

The range of beautiful crafts sold within each and every a Country Market are extensive.

Not just hand-made garments and hand-sewn products but a whole range of items.

Jewellery is a particular favourite skill of many of our producers. Costume jewellery often made to order to compliment a particular outfit.

Silver items sell particularly well and our producers understand the specific legislation for safety required.

A whole range of cards to suit every occasion. There appears to be no end of ideas and designs suitable for every occasion.

There are paintings, and wood crafted goods of every shape and form locally made with skill and care.

Members are paid each month for the sale of their goods less a small commission of about 10% which is retained to cover running costs, Product and Public Liability Insurance etc.

How are Country Markets run?

All Country Markets are run co-operatively. Members do not have their own individual tables; all goods are put on sale together, like with like. Members are encouraged to take part in the general running of the Market.

Exquisite hand-crafted artisan products to sell in your own Country Market.


Are you Creative?

Why not pop along to a local Country Market and sell your hand created goods?

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