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Posted on 10 May 2021


Whilst we encouraged all Markets to remove the use of plastic carrier bags and replace with paper, jute or cotton bags, many Markets are trying to go even further by sourcing and using eco-friendly packaging to wrap their goods, wherever it is viably possible.

Manufacturing companies are very slowing making the environmental change towards offering eco-friendly packaging. In most cases it is more expensive, but in time, we hope, that increased demand will bring down the prices. – Have cellulose bags for cards made by your crafters and also food bags made with Nativia a compostable film. Code CELL-04-100 fits a small loaf cake perfectly. You could even use clear compostable stickers to seal the bags instead of Sellotape.

If you are looking for food grade card, Albert Hall Packaging sell it. Their website is:

If you use any other companies who I have not previously recommended, please do send the details into the office and we can get the word out there.

For your information, Carters Packaging have been taken over by The Macfarlane Group. Nothing will change as far as your ordering from them and your discounts, but they will have more choice of products.

Debra Kidd – Vice Chairman

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